SoClean 2 Automated CPAP Cleaning and Sanitizing Device

Soclean CPAP CPAP machine is commonly used by people with sleep apnea to aid their breathing when sleeping. If you own such a machine, it is important that you regularly get it cleaned and sanitized. Else, it may just lead to the deterioration of your health. Therefore, it is paramount that you invest in a quality CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. Soclean is the world first automated CPAP cleaning and sanitizing machine in the market. This machine offers you a duo advantage of cleaning and killing germs in all parts of your CPAP.

How SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Works?

SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer machine help to sanitize all the parts of your CPAP machine, including reservoir, mask, and hose, without necessarily having to disassemble the machine. Additionally, this cleaner only utilizes natural processes in sanitizing your CPAP machine. Here, ozone is used in killing germs instead of harsh and toxic chemicals.

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The machine utilizes activated oxygen which it forms by combining two-atom oxygen molecules with three-atom oxygen molecules. The activated oxygen created is then pushed into the mask and through every part of the CPAP equipment, sanitizing it during the process.

Soclean 2 – CPAP cleaner and sanitizer Description

This machine has a very sleek design. The machine is made to be very appealing to the eye. You will get the machine in color white. The machine is about 7 lbs and measures 11*11*12 inches. This makes the machine pretty easy to carry around even when you are going away on a safari. Additionally, due to its compact size, it does not require for the user to spare a big storage room to fit it.CPAP cleaner

CPAP cleaner and sanitizer comes with a front display. It will have indicator lights changing, throughout the sanitization process. This helps you understand when the sanitization process starts and when it stops. It comes with a very efficient filter system. The filter cartridge should be easily changed at least once or twice a year, which is pretty cheap, compared with the value gained.

On purchasing the machine, you will get it delivered at no added cost, that is, if you are based in the US. Therefore, the machine is very affordable. Also, you will get a one year warranty. What this tells you about the product is that you will benefit a lot from it. It shows that the manufacturers are confident in their ability to provide you with an excellent CPAP cleaning machine.

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Features

This CPAP sanitizer is very flexible. It’s inside the chamber is designed such that it allows different designs of CPAP masks to be cleaned. The sanitizer can accommodate a wide range of mask, from the full CPAP masks, mouth, and nasal to the nasal pillow masks. Additionally, it allows for an adapter to be fitted in case you need to clean your heated hose CPAP machine. For this reason, this sanitizing machine is able to adapt to almost every model in the market.

Ease of Use

SoClean CPAP cleaning machine is really easy to use. The machine is intelligently designed such that it automatically cleans your CPAP machine every time you need it to. All you need to do is load your breathing aid machine and press a button, and the rest will be done for you.

SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer does not require you to disassemble your machine parts in order for it to get sanitized. Every time you need to clean and sanitize your CPAP, you just load your mask in Soclean’s cleaning chamber, without having to remove the hose. After this, you will place your hose on the hose slot, usually located at the side of the sanitizer. The machine will automatically start. It is as easy as that.

For first time users, it is important that you read their manual on how to use the machine. The manual is written in plain language and is therefore pretty easy to understand. Also, you could visit the Soclean official website and watch a video on how to use this sanitizer properly.

Machine Safety

This CPAP cleaning machine is very safe. Especially, having in mind that it is being used in cleaning a very sensitive machine. The machine is able to generate activated oxygen, which it derives from the air in the room. The machine then pushes the activated oxygen through the different parts of your CPAP. This oxygen is very effective in killing of germs, mold, viruses, and bacteria. SoClean has been proved to kill up to 99.9 % of the germs present in your CPAP equipment.

This CPAP cleaner and sanitizer does not require any chemicals to kill germs. Therefore, it helps protect your CPAP equipment from corrosion. Also, it protects you from having to deal with smells from chemicals and allergic reactions that may arise in case your skin came into contact with the chemicals. Although there are those who complain of a mild smell in their CPAP equipment after sanitizing them using this machine, this is truly a non-issue.

If you notice a remnant smell from the cleaning process, all you need to do is let your CPAP run for some time without plugging on the mask. The machine should be able to flag off any smells left during the cleaning process. Also, the machine does not use any water in the sanitizing process. This is very beneficial as it helps eliminate the chances of mold growing in your breathing machine, which would add extra issues on top of the problems that you already have.

Fast and Convenient

This CPAP cleaner and sanitizer machine will have you CPAP equipment cleaned in a matter of minutes, two to five minutes at most. Therefore, you do not have to take a lot of time off your schedule in order to clean. Additionally, it reduces the amount of labor required in cleaning your breathing machine. For this reason, it allows CPAP users to efficiently clean their breathing machines on a daily basis without a hassle.

Is Soclean covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, at this time Soclean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer doesn’t cover by any health insurances.


I think that SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is the real deal. It provides an easy solution for people with sleep apnea in cleaning their CPAP equipment.therefore, I recommend this CPAP cleaner and sanitizer machine to anyone who has had trouble cleaning their CPAP using other cleaners.

About Comapny

SoClean Inc. was founded in July of 2011 in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, with the goal of improving the health and quality of life for those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and other sleep disorders.

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