Lumin cpap cleaner reviews

Lumin CPAP cleaner

Lumin CPAP Mask and Accessories cleaner Reviews

CPAP equipment can make life considerably easy for those who have a snoring problem or sleep apnea. However, maintaining this equipment is necessary to ensure your health. One important aspect of maintenance is cleaning CPAP machine regularly . For this purpose, the 3B Lumin CPAP cleaner is an excellent product.Lumin CPAP cleaner

How Does Lumin CPAP mask Cleaner Work?

This cleaner works by making use of a UVC light source. Rather than using soap or ozone for cleaning your CPAP equipment, the fact that it uses a light source means that the product is easy to maintain yet does not feature an unpleasant odor. In order to use it, all you need to do is place the equipment in the drawer of the cleaner. Then, switch on the device and within five minutes, the cleaning process will be complete.

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Main Features

The best feature of the Lumin CPAP cleaner is its ability to kill up to 99% of the bacteria that may be present in your CPAP equipment. This is ensured by the use of polished aluminum when constructing the insides of the drawer, which delivers a better coverage and intensity of the UVC light.

Moreover, another beneficial feature included is the swiftness of the disinfecting process. It merely takes 5 minutes for your CPAP equipment to be stripped from all the bacteria. For those of you who are living a hectic life, this quick operation is bound to be a source of convenience.

Also, the product is free from ozone and does not require soap or water to function. Hence, there isn’t any maintenance cost or add-ons. Thus, you can expect it to be a cost-effective solution. It also makes it very easy to use.

The product weighs 5.5 lbs. and has dimensions of 12.25″ L x 8.5″ W x 7.75″ H. This allows it to deliver portability.

You might think that the function of the cleaner is limited to CPAP devices. However, this is not the case. You can use the product for anything that can fit into the drawer of the cleaner. Whether it be hearing aid or dentures, you can sterilize it all.

3B Lumin CPAP cleaner

Lumin CPAP Cleaner  vs SoClean

Both Lumin CPAP cleaner and SoClean 2 doesn’t use any disinfectants or water and soap to sanitize your CPAP device . Lumin utilize high powered Ultra Violet light to kill any bacteria,germs or molds that may present in your CPAP machine while SoClean 2 use activated oxygen known as Ozone to sanitize your device.

Complete Sanitizing cycle  – Lumin takes just five minute to run complete sanitizing cycle and ready to use your device immidately , unlike Soclean 2  take almost two hour to complete the sanitizing process ( 7 minute CPAP sanitizing and waiting period prior to use the device)

Warranty  – Lumin has a 24 month warranty and covers all basic operational items but Soclean only offer 12 month warranty.

Replacement part – Lumin has no ongoing maintenance and any replacement parts .The ultraviolet bulb design to last lifetime of the Lumin. Soclean advice to replace the filter and check valve every six month which costs 30$

Price – Lumin costs only 249$ when Soclean 2 costs 319$ ( doesn’t include replacement filter 30$ every six month and Neutralizing Pre-Wash for $18)

Check out Lumin CPAP cleaner vs Soclean comparison chart below

Lumin CPAP cleaner vs Soclean


Pros and Cons

The pros of the product are as follows:

  • It features a very affordable price and when you add this to the zero-maintenance cost, it makes for a very cost-effective solution.
  • The process is very fast and convenient.
  • The product has an aesthetic appeal to it.
  • It does not need any replacement parts since it functions using a light source.

Here are the cons:

  • The instructions are not easy to understand.

How Much Does this CPAP cleaner Costs?

The cleaner costs around $249.

Lumin CPAP Cleaner – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will  Lumin CPAP sanitier  damage my CPAP mask or devices?

No. While long exposure times to UVC can damage plastics and silicone, but  Lumin cleaning  cycle last only 5 minutes. One year of day-to-day use amounts to 30 hours of actual direct exposure time. In sped up aging tests, 3B Medical has confirmed no damage to plastics or silicone in over 150 hours of testing, roughly equivalent to 5 years of day-to-day use of Lumin CPAP mask cleaner.

Q. Does Lumin cause an odor?

UV light has no smell. Most of Lumin customers don’t experience any smell while they clean and sanitize their CPAP equipment.  In case there is a smell it is most likely similar to the smell of burnt hair. UVC light eliminates pathogens by destroying DNA with high energy light. If your tool has a smell please wash completely with a damp fabric using Dawn liquid cleaning agent and then dry with a paper towel. Run one cycle with the drawer empty and let the device sit over night. Next day, your unit needs to have no smell.

Q. Are there any replacement parts that I need to purchase ?

No. You don’t need any replacement part to run 3B Lumin CPAP and mask cleaner tool. The Lumin CPAP cleaner machine relies on an unique germicidal UV-C bulb that is ranked for 9,000 hours. Thinking about that the Lumin cycle is only 5 minutes, everyday usage of the device would require a total of 5.5 hours. In other words, the source of light in the Lumin ought to quickly outlive the life of the gadget and ought to not need altering. In the occasion, the bulb is harmed replacement bulbs are available online.


When you compare the benefits delivered by the product, the one flaw that it has does not seem much. If you think you can ignore the initial hassle of understanding how to set up the cleaner, you will not be disappointed with its performance. Do give the Lumin CPAP cleaner a try and thoroughly cleanse your CPAP equipment. It is essential for your health.


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