Setting up the SoClean with Transcend Mini CPAP or HDM Z1

The SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is compatible with a variety of other devices including the Transcend Mini CPAP and the HDM Z1 CPAP. The Transcend Mini is a portable breathing monitor which adapts to your needs while you sleep and is an APAP that provides extra comfort on exhalation while the HMD Z1 is a battery operated, a travel-friendly machine that is low noise and light for chord-free travel sleeping.

You will need the SoClean CPAP adapter for Transcend and Z1.Here is step-by-step instruction how to set up SoClean CPAP adapter for Transcend and Z1

    1. Remove the hose from your Transcend or Z1 device.
    2. Install the Transcend and Z1 SoClean adapter onto the CPAP hose.
    3. Detach the injection fitting and short hose from the main SoClean hose.You will no longer need the injection fitting and short hose. Save these parts in case you need them in the future.
    4. Connect the SoClean injection hose to the Transcend and Z1 SoClean adapter.

Once the sanitizing cycle is complete and you are ready to use your Transcend or Z1 CPAP, please remove the Transcend and Z1 SoClean adapter from your CPAP hose, and reconnect your CPAP hose to the CPAP device.

All you need to use these devices is the SoClean CPAP adapter to start and your preferred device. This method works for both devices as they are set up in a similar way so follow the instructions according to either device. Remove the house from the device and install the adapter to the end of the CPAP hose and then detach the short hose and injection fitting from the main SoClean hose. You can safely store these two items away as they won’t be needed regularly for this process but do not discard of them in case you change devices in the future and need to re-attach to the SoClean. Next, connect the SoClean injection hose to the adapter and run for your usual cycles. Once complete, remove the adapter and safely store, reconnecting your CPAP as normal.

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