Sleep Apnea

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9 Signs that you might have sleep apnea

Snoring is and has been one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea. Most of us don’t like to actually accept that they snore to an extent that we even get defensive about it but this is a condition that should be taken seriously.
Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder which makes you breathe repeatedly all through the night and doctors say that it is caused by an obstruction in airflow at the back of the throat and blocks the air from getting into the lungs when you sleep. It could be due to some factors such as congested sinuses, tonsils etc but in other rare cases, it can be due to your brain not sending messages for you to breathe correctly. Also being overweight can be another factor.

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Winx Sleep Therapy System

Winx sleep therapy system is good news for persons suffering from obstructive sleep Apnea. Because the Winx therapy system finally brings to you something that will help you sleep comfortable and naturally for the first time after getting this sleeping condition. The Winx is a uniquely designed product to correct obstructive sleep apnea by the technology that involves a small console; tubing and a mouthpiece which you insert in your oral system and without struggle you will be able to achieve an unobstructed sound sleep all through the night.

3D-Printed CPAP Mask

Metamason Develops 3D-Printed CPAP Mask For Sleep Apnea Patients Metamason, which is a healthcare-focused 3D printing and scanning company, will use the money to carry out a total FDA regulatory clearance and do initial clinical…

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Getting the most from your CPAP therapy

CPAP Therapy: It Can Work But There Should Be Short and Long Terms Goal For Success When a person is prescribed CPAP, they need to know their equipment and understand how the therapy works. Of…

New implantable device eases sleep apnea

Inspire Stimulator Gives Sleep Apnea Suffers Their Lives and Good Sleep Back Mike Freeman’s snoring was so bad that his family and friends couldn’t stand to be near him when he slept. He had a…