Winx Sleep Therapy System

Winx Sleep Therapy System for Sleep Apnea Sufferers

Winx sleep therapy system is good news for persons suffering from obstructive sleep Apnea. Because the Winx therapy system finally brings to you something that will help you sleep comfortable and naturally for the first time after getting this sleeping condition. The Winx is a uniquely designed product to correct obstructive sleep apnea by the technology that involves a small console; tubing and a mouthpiece which you insert in your oral system and without struggle you will be able to achieve an unobstructed sound sleep all through the night.

Winx SleepTherapy System

How does Winx sleep therapy system work?

It works through a mechanism called oral pressure therapy. This involves the use of the mouthpiece, tubing and a small console; whereby, once the mouthpiece is introduced into the mouth, a gentle vacuum is created on the soft palate and tongue. This significantly pulls forward the tissues of the tongue and the soft palate relieving the obstruction of the upper airway normally causing sleep apnea. Similarly, if the condition is as a result of large and excessive tissue at the back of the mouth such as enlarged tonsils, the mouthpiece will bring forward the excessive tissues creating a wider passageway of air relieving the obstruction. Ideally, through this technique, the tongue will be stabilized, the size of the airway increased which in turn greatly improves breathing and therefore giving one unobstructed sleeping experience.

Are there advantages of the winx sleep therapy system?

Absolutely! Considering other products on the market that can serve the same purpose such as CPAP, winx is the best. This is because it requires no restraining headgears and bulky masks. Instead, it involves a slim lighter tube which is less likely to cause hindrance to sleep; with it, you can comfortably change sleeping positions with ease. And the mouthpiece is small enough to maximize comfort. The console which is like the CPU of the winx, is small and portable to minimize interference to your sleeping environment and to allow ease of traveling respectively. Moreover, it is easy to use, clean and maintain.

Is Winx therapy system Right For You?

Yes, totally! That is if you have been diagnosed with mild, moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea. Although, if you suffer from central sleep apnea this is not an effective treatment for you. Additionally, if you have loose teeth, advanced periodontal disease or underlying lung disease then winx is not meant for you. For effective results, it is required that you only breathe through the nose and no mouth breathing. Furthermore, winx is approved for use by adults only.


Winx therapy system is an excellent treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. If you are interested in trying Winx sleep therapy system first see your sleep therapist or physician because it is only available on prescription. Moreover, prior consultations with your physician will ensure you are not only making an informed decision on getting this machine but also you are sure to get assessment conducted by the physician to confirm your progress and adequate treatment effect. Try Winx today for comfortable, quick and effective treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

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